Fever is part of the way in which the body's immune system struggles against infections such as flu, extreme cold or ear infection. It is when body temperature surmounts the normal limit.

Temperature is considered normal in infants and children if it is 38°C or less (with the anal scale), or 37°C or less (with the oral scale). Only grades that exceed these degrees are considered high and signify the so-called fever.

Actually, human temperature changes even when the person is healthy. It can increase or decrease, and this change is quite normal. In fact, in the morning the body temperature is low, then it gradually increases in the afternoon. Fever is not considered a disease in itself, but rather a reference to the presence of a disease: the rise in temperature indicates that there is something going on inside the body.

  • Causes of high temperature:

    • Inflammation caused by a virus or bacteria, and high temperature may contribute to the elimination of the virus
    • Reaction to medical drug or vaccine
    • Sunstroke
    • Disease infection
    • Inflammation, such as inflammation of the urinary system, tonsillitis, sinusitis, abscess in teeth, ear infection
    • The growth of teeth
  • How to lower your child’s temperature before the doctor visit:

    • Remove layers of clothing
    • Reduce the room temperature
    • Use lukewarm water baths for extremities and armpits
    • Do not use ice or cold water baths because they are not appropriate to reduce the heat
    • Give your baby fluids and continue breastfeeding and feeding him/her milk
  • Important data to evaluate temperature:

    • High temperature in infants is dangerous and must be presented to the doctor quickly
    • Lukewarm water baths are used to treat babies if the temperature is less than 38.5°C
    • Fever-reducing medicines are used if the temperature is 38°C or more and according to the doctor's instructions
    • Do not use heat reducers before taking your child to a doctor and diagnosing the disease
    • Adhere to the doses recommended by the doctor